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Staff Information

Executive Director
Thomas W. Styron

Heather Marchbanks - Head of Administrative Operations
Wanda Jewell - Accounting Manager
Donna Hanley - Bookkeeper
Jillian Sims - Membership Coordinator

Collections Management
Chesnee C.S. Klein - Curator
Alexia Timberlake Boyd - Collections Manager
Jay Owens - Collections Manager
Carolyn Pellett - Collections Administrator

Paula Angermeier - Head of Communications

Stephanie Rainey - Head of Development
Allison Farr - Development Coordinator
Loretta Stephens - Special Projects Coordinator

Ellen Westkaemper - Head of Education

Howard Timberlake - Head of Facility Operations and Security

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Please feel free to call or email us, or use the form below. We are happy to answer questions about works in the GCMA collections, but because of the number of inquiries we receive, we aren't able to provide general information about art or artists not in our collection.

The Greenville County Museum of Art may not perform appraisals. To obtain an estimate on an artwork, we recommend you contact a reputable dealer or appraiser.

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