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Sep 23, 2018

2 pm - 3 pm

Sundays at 2: Gallery Talk | David Drake

Join us for a docent-led tour and experience the powerful story of David Drake, whose pottery vessels are featured in the exhibition Art and Artists of South Carolina.  Drake, an enslaved African-American who worked in South Carolina’s Edgefield District, was known only as “Dave” before 1865. He learned to both read and write, dangerous and even illegal skills for a slave to possess, and openly expressed his literacy by inscribing original poems on many of the utilitarian works he created. 

The identities of millions of enslaved African-Americans, whose talents and labor supported the development of American culture, were overlooked or disregarded by recorded history. Through the modest utilitarian wares handcrafted and inscribed by David Drake, at least one remarkable voice remains to speak on behalf of the lives and stories irretrievably lost.

The GCMA is home to the largest institutional collection of pottery vessels by David Drake, including single-handle jugs, storage jars, pitchers, a syrup jug, and a rare butter churn.

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